Dello Russo

What Happens Before, During and After Lasik Operation

If you wear:
Soft contact lenses: Stop wearing them for a week before the initial assessment.
Toric soft lenses or removable gas permeable lenses (RGP): Stop wearing two weeks before the initial assessment.
Hard lenses: Stop wearing them for two or three weeks before the initial assessment.

You should tell Dr. Joseph Dello Russo about your general health and the state of your eyes in the present time as well as the past. You should also let him know the kinds of medications that you are taking, including non-prescription, and any medications you are allergic to.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes and discuss with you the following questions:

  • Am I a good candidate for laser eye surgery?
  • What are the risks, advantages, and other possible outcomes?
  • What can I expect before, during and after surgery?
  • What are my responsibilities before, during and after surgery?

During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Dello Russo any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. Take time to think about the risks and benefits and read the reference books that Dr. Dello Russo recommends. After you make a final decision to get the surgery done, you will have to sign a consent form confirming your awareness of risks and complications.

The operation takes no more than 15-20 minutes for both eyes. You will lie on your back in a chair with a back flip in the operating room where the laser system is. This laser system is a high tech machine, which has a built-in microscope and computer monitor.

The laser will be positioned above your eye and you will be asked to look straight at the light. This is not the laser light, which is used to remove tissue from the cornea. This light is used to help position your eye and keep it stabile while the laser works on your eye.

At the end of the procedure you will not need any sutures to secure the flap in place. You should wear sunglasses so you do not accidentally start rubbing your eye. Try not to put pressure on your eyes and protect them from any dust or flying particles.

Immediately after surgery you may feel a burning sensation in the eye, or you will have the feeling of a foreign body in the eye. Both eyes may tear or be wet. You may experience some discomfort and in some cases, slight pain. Dr. Dello Russo may advise for you to take a weak sedative.

It may take three to six months for your vision to stabilize after surgery depending on the degree of correction and the complexity of the operation.

If you have any new or unusual symptoms or signs of vision deterioration or complaints at any time after the operation, you should immediately contact Dr. Dello Russo. Such signs may indicate a problem that requires urgent intervention, and if untreated can lead to vision loss.