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Custom Cornea

The eyes are without a doubt, one of the most intricate and valued organs of the body. A direct extension of the brain, the eyes focus, perceive, focus, readjust, and compensate in ways that machines can only dream of having the creative power to do. However, complex as we are, we fall victims to our own biology, and our vision may compromise with genetics and with age. At Dello Russo LaserVision, we employ only the most advanced techniques and technologies to address problems of your eyes. There is no substitute for healthy, functional eyes, and we are proud to offer our skills, expertise, and facilities to ensure the excellence of your treatment.

With the surge in technological advancements, machines are now capable of scanning, recording, and performing at such speeds and precision that just a decade ago were unthinkable. Corrective lenses are now receding into the past, as faster processing power and more advanced machinery now allows us to correct the underlying problems using laser-based treatments. Backed by the skills of our doctors, the process of correcting vision problems becomes so elaborate that it rivals even the complexities of space travel.

CustomCornea® technology is able to correct the shape of your cornea while accounting for the involuntary movements of your eyes. This way, whenever your eyes move, so will the lasers, ensuring you have the most precise and effective procedure. Problems in vision arise when there is a distortion in how various points of light meet up at the retina. This is most often cause by a defect in light refraction through the eye lens.

Wavefront mapping is a 3D imaging tool that will precisely map out the shape of your eye and continually update to guide the laser treatment. It is an additional to LASIK surgery, whereby a corneal flap is created to gain access to the eye lens. The laser is carefully guided by a machine, ablating certain areas of the lens to correct vision problems. If the eye manages to move too far out of area, the laser will automatically stop. In traditional LASIK, a specialized blade called a microkeratome is used to create the corneal flap, but new techniques developed by Dr. Joseph Dello Russo eliminate the need for a manually-operated blade. Lasers provide an accuracy that can't be achieved with blades, so this ensures a faster recovery and reduces the risk of complications.

Your eyes will be kept open and numb during the entire procedure, with routine drops to keep it them hydrated. Usually one eye is done at a time to allow for patients to continue about their work. Vision will return to the treated eye in less than a week, but additional care should be taken for several months to avoid disturbing the corneal flap.

In general, LASIK is the preferred technique on individuals with thicker corneas. This is because creation of the flap is much easier and less risky. On patients with thin corneas, no flap is created, but instead the epithelial cells are gently scraped off the surface with alcohol. This is known as Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK). Both procedures are highly effective, and may be preferable to each other depending on the specifics of the patients. Laser eye surgery is a highly specialized procedure that can be performed only by the most skilled practitioners. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo has been actively involved in the development of new treatments, and continues to receive high praise in the field of vision corrective surgery. Call Dello Russo LaserVision today and ask about Custom Cornea, the most state-of-the-art technology currently available in eye surgery.